GoBrolly® is the Premier Wireless Internet Provider in Miami and Cass Counties for Reliable and Fast Internet.

Currently service is available in areas around Louisburg, Hillsdale, Paola, Wea, Bucyrus, Kansas and Cleveland, Drexel and Westline, Missouri.

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First Things First

If you are interested in learning more about receiving lightning fast speed from GoBrolly®, the first thing we must do is determine how strong the signal will be at your location. Sign up now for a free site survey which allows us to check your potential connection. No hassles, no obligation. We look forward to helping you with your internet requirements.
Site Survey

GoBrolly’s® Internet Plans

Highly Reliable Connection

Lightning Fast Speed

24/7/365 Customer Service

Broadband Class Plans

“It Just Works!”


For Homes and Businesses

Economically Priced

Many Plans to Choose From

No “Lag” Time


  • 4 Mbps Down
  • 2 Mbps Up

Basic Plus

  • 8 Mbps Down
  • 4 Mbps Up


  • 10 Mbps Down
  • 5 Mbps Up

Home Office

  • 12 Mbps Down
  • 6 Mbps Up

Streaming Plus

  • 16 Mbps Down
  • 8 Mbps Up

Top Shelf

  • 20 Mbps Down
  • 10 Mbps Up

Pay Router & the Install Fee Upfront for the Lowest Monthly Price!

We offer the best prices in our market with exceptional bandwidth for reliability and speed.

5 Reasons to Choose GoBrolly®

We’ve designed our technology by envisioning the future of the Internet so you will have a connection every time you need it. It Just Works.

Real people empowered to work directly with real people, like you.

Unparalleled plan options to “Right Size” your Internet and provide you with the perfect connection for your usage.

We offer the best prices and data in our market with exceptional bandwidth for reliability and speed.

Your Internet with GoBrolly® will be lightning fast due to our technology and options for better UP speeds. But don’t take our word for it . . . ask our Customers!

What Makes GoBrolly® Faster?

Our company's mission is to provide a Customer focused, reliable, innovative broadband internet utility which meets the expectations of Customers that have an increasing need for these enhanced broadband services. In short, to provide the area with a higher quality product that gives you the speed you need. What makes us different? We're not phone providers providing an internet service . . . we're internet professionals providing an internet service. Our team, with 44 years of combined experience, designed the best technology with fiber optics to bring you the speed and reliability you deserve in an internet provider. We are not using different technology, we're just using the existing technology differently.

Don’t know what you need? Just relax and let us do all the work because that is what we do. Call us now at (913) 837-4678 or email us and we’ll talk through your current devices and your internet needs.