Business Class Dedicated Internet Connections

Business Internet Plans: Industrial Class Dedicated Internet Connections

Not Shared. Not Metered. Not Throttled.

True, business class dedicated Internet connections (or Industrial Class Dedicated Internet) are part of the purest forms of Internet access. The bandwidth you purchase is allotted only for you, and is not shared with anyone else. If your business profits through the Internet then “slow” Internet, or Internet downtime, means money lost. Dedicated Internet gives your business its own lane on the Internet Superhighway. It is all for you, only for you.

Think About It.

If your business relies on the Internet to be successful, then a slow or unreliable Internet service means opportunities missed and money lost.

Symmetrical Connection Price Per Month Description
2 Mbps Symmetrical $225 Faster than a DS-1/T-1 – 1.544 Mbps
3 Mbps Symmetrical $250 Twice as fast as a T1 connection
5 Mbps Symmetrical $300
10 Mbps Symmetrical $500 Server class / Cloud class
15 Mbps Symmetrical $700
20 Mbps Symmetrical $900
25 Mbps Symmetrical $1,100
30 Mbps Symmetrical $1,200 4K your way, both ways, all day
50 Mbps Symmetrical $1,500 Faster than a DS-3/T3 – 45 Mbps
100 Mbps Symmetrical $1,700
200 Mbps Symmetrical $2,500 Faster than an OC-3 – 155 Mbps, This will require a $5,000 activation fee
500 Mbps Symmetrical $4,000 This will require a $9,000 activation fee

NOTE: Business class, dedicated Internet is not eligible to be shared or re-sold. Any violation of the contract will cause immediate termination. 5 year minimum contract period. 90-day deposit required to start. Activation fees start at $600 and will increase as the desired bandwidth increases. Battery backups required and site inspections will be required.