GoBrolly® Internet 4K Video Plan

Outperforms the FCC Broadband Standard of 25 Mbps X 3 Mbps

Outperforms the FCC Rural Broadband Standard Requirement of 10 Mbps X 1 Mbps

Exceeds the FCC Broadband Standard

GoBrolly® 4K Video

  • BrollyCare Router (required) $4.95 /mo
  • + 4K Streaming Video, Do Anything You Want at Anytime, Large Data Options

The GoBrolly® Wireless Internet 4K Video exceeds the FCC requirement for Broadband and is approximately the nationwide average connection speed . . . and six times the average data download. This plan is a comparable to a fiber connection and is superior to a cable connection with a much better price, and is as good as an LTE cell phone connection with 10 times the data. The 4K Video Plan is what you should consider if you need serious corporate connections. This will do VPN, VoIP, and Full HD video conference calling at the same time.  This will run a server on the Internet, and will enable any kind of video security setup. This plan allows homes and businesses who have multiple security cameras and want to view them remotely over their Internet enabled phones, tablets or laptops. You can buy more bandwidth, but you cannot but anything that will run your Internet faster. No phone line required. Exceeds FCC Broadband Standards.

The GoBrolly® 4K Video Plan includes:

  • 30 Mbps down
  • 15 Mbps up
  • 420 Gigabyte included data plan with data options up to 1.25 Terabyte
  • $ .99 per Gigabyte of extended usage
  • Lowest price of $154.95 a month is with a 12-month agreement and $249.95 activation fee paid upfront
  • Price with activation fee paid throughout term is $182.45 a month with a 12-month agreement
  • BrollyCare Router (required) is an additional $4.95 a month
  • Call (913) 837-4678 or sign up online

GoBrolly® USA 4K Video is right for you if:

  • You have 6+ people or devices using the Internet at the same time (laptop, phone, tablet, desktop, gaming console)
  • You want a broadband connection, better than cable.
  • You want enough data for 100 hours of Blu-ray or 3D video, or up to 200 hours of HD video.
  • You are a serious gamer or video photographer that is constantly uploading high definition movies to the cloud.
  • You need a real corporate connection, with VPN, VoIP, and 2 way video conferencing capability all at the same time.
  • You run a business and need to ensure everyone in the office always has enough bandwidth to keep things efficient.
  • You want to install and view cameras remotely over your internet enabled phone, tablet or desktop.
  • You have multiple business locations and numerous employees, and your server needs to be able to handle all the traffic.
  • You are interested in “The Internet of Things” (IoT) like thermostats, smart home security systems, smart appliances and etc.