Supplemental Wireless Plans - GoBump

Supplemental Wireless Internet Plans

Never seen before in the industry, temporarily increase your contracted speed with our GoBump℠ connections and get just a little more bandwidth and data when you need it.


Warning: GoBrolly℠ Wireless Internet may cause the user dizziness from a) extreme internet speeds and b) constant efficiency.
The GoBrolly℠ GoBump℠ service is designed to help people get a little more out of there internet connection during certain times.

Examples of perfect GoBump℠ scenarios:

  • Kids are home for summer and you need a little more Internet or data for them to use
  • You are Snowbirds and you don’t need the full speed year round.
  • You do a lot of online shopping during the holidays and need more speed during those times.
  • You have a single large project that needs to be done and you need the extra bandwidth and data for just the duration of the project.
  • You are designing a website or an online presence and you need some extra upload speed until you are complete.
  • You are scheduling a video conference and need to ensure it’s success by getting extra bandwidth during that time.

You can GoBump℠ up your contracted level of service to any higher speed and pay for the new speed for a minimum of two billing cycles without any administrative charges (if it available at your location). After the end of the two billing cycles, you can go back down to your contracted level for only a $20.00 administrative charge. GoBump℠ up as often as you like and keep your GoBump℠ until you know you won’t need it anymore.