GoBrolly’s® VoIP Services

GoBrolly® is utilizing 1-VoIP to offer you special VoIP services for as low as $8.97 a month, as well as nationwide, unlimited calling for $16.97 a month with free features like Spam-Call Filtering, Webfax, Email, and Cloud Storage.

Contact 1-VoIP today for more information: 888-369-VOIP (8647) or visit 1-VoIP.

Questions About VoIP?

What is VoIP? Some kind of hairless cat?

No. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Provider. It means that you can send and receive voice, or audio, over the Internet (data) network just like you send and receive email.

Yes. Any of our plans offer significant savings as compared to a local phone company.

What kind of Internet connection will I need to run VoIP? We think that the “Up” or “Sending” portion of an Internet connection is what really makes VoIP work. That being said, look for at least a 1.512 Mbps “Up” or “Sending” speed connection. This kind of connection is sometimes hard to find, so check this website for your Internet speeds. GoBrolly has a low cost Basic Video Plan (5 Mbps down x 2.5 Mbps up) that is perfect for a simple one-line phone. If you are a business and need several lines, choose a plan with 3 Mbps “Up.” The more “Up” speed, the better.

Yes! Pick a town, any town, and ask 1-VoIP for a phone number there. Most likely you will be able to get that area code and phone number. Just think of the possibilities for business connections.
It will take two to four weeks to port the number(s). Plenty of time to mail the equipment and paperwork that will be needed to activate the phone number. Sometimes the old phone companies move very slowly so don’t cancel your phone line until everything is ported correctly.