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About GoBrolly®

GoBrolly® Internet was founded by long-time Louisburg residents who saw the limited communication choices as a threat on a small town’s very existence.

“If we don’t have adequate communications we will not survive. We will not thrive as individuals, businesses, associations, and communities. We exist to make a place for our children to thrive. If we do not, they go elsewhere . . . as they must.”

GoBrolly CEO

The company provides superior Internet access with maximum bandwidth to give residents of Miami County, Kansas, including Louisburg, Paola, Hillsdale, Wea, Wagstaff, Chiles, Somerset and Spring Hill, and to residents of Cass County, Missouri, including Cleveland, Freeman, Drexel, Westline and more (See Internet map and areas covered) a satisfying, reliable and fast Internet experience.

The company’s mission is to provide this capability at an affordable price and meet the expectations of customers that have increasing demand for a faster, more functional Internet connection.

“It Just Works!” – actual GoBrolly® Customer. Read what more people say about GoBrolly® Internet.

If you are frustrated with your current Internet provider, don’t get mad, Get GoBrolly!

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