“10 out of 10. Customer service. Very helpful with questions and concerns. Willing to take the time for personal service.”


“Thank you, GoBrolly, for being our reliable internet provider. We had 12 Fantasy Football drafters all on devices using our internet to draft their Fantasy Football teams! No lag, no drops . . . GoBrolly Just Works!” – from Janet Houchen on Facebook September 2018 #MyGoBrollyStory 

Facebook #MyGoBrollyStory

“10 out of 10. GoBrolly works! GoBrolly was able to provide Internet service when others couldn’t.”


“Amazing service! The owners are also incredibly nice and helpful.”

Google Review

“Installation technicians were thorough and courteous. Internet service works well. Price is very good.”

Customer Survey

“Great service, fast and price competitive, nearly 2 years and almost ZERO failure of Service. Huge win vs. other rural options.”


“We have never had service go down and it keeps constant speed. No slowdowns during high usage times.”

Customer Survey

“We always get the speed we paid for! No slow downs when everyone gets home from school and work, unlike other Internet companies . . .”

Customer Survey

“GoBrolly provides fabulous service for our home and business!”


“We have had GoBrolly for over two years and have never had any issues . . . not a single service call!
Customer Service is top notch and always willing to help with any questions you might have!”

Google Review

“We are in one of the lightest shade of green sections and still get GREAT signal and service. Switched to GoBrolly last Summer and have been really happy. Much better service and a much better price than the previous two or three providers. We give it twelve thumbs up (from family of six)!”


“Just wanted to give a shout out to your man, Andrew. I called and Andrew came out and worked his magic. Apparently he was there for quite a while. [My husband] is finally happy and following Andrews recommendations to make it perfect! Thanks, GoBrolly!!

Email to Staff

GoBrolly® is the Best Internet Service Provider in the Country for Reliable and Fast Internet.

Currently servicing areas in Miami County Kansas (KS) and Cass County Missouri (MO), including Louisburg, Paola, Wea, Bucyrus, Hillsdale, Drexel, Cleveland, Freeman and more.

What Makes GoBrolly so Different?

What Makes GoBrolly® Different?

We use the best technology with fiber optics to bring you the speed and reliability you should expect in an Internet provider.  Our plans provide enough upload speeds to make your Internet “Just Work” everytime.

Internet Service

Internet Plans and Pricing

Our plans start as low as $29.95, and let you “right size” your Internet to fit your needs. Select your perfect plan by the number of people and/or devices needed to connect to the Internet.

Importance of Upload Speed

The Importance of Upload Speed

The Internet is a two-way communication process, and users are “sending” more “Up” data to the Internet than ever before. Upload speed plays an important part of your Internet experience.

First Things First.

If you are interested in learning more about receiving lightning fast speed from GoBrolly®, the first thing we must do is determine how strong the signal will be at your location. Sign up now for a free onsite signal test which allows us to check your potential connection. No hassles, no obligation . . . you don’t even have to be there. We look forward to helping you with your internet requirements.

site survey gobrolly wireless internet

Data and Bandwidth Requirements for Popular Internet Applications

Emails, VoIP, music, web browsing, graphics, gaming and video. Below is your guide to data and speed requirements for a satisfying user experience, along with the perfect GoBrolly® plan to meet your needs.

5 Reasons to Choose GoBrolly® Internet

Don’t know what you need? Relax. Call us now at 913-837-4678 or email us and we’ll talk through your current devices and your Internet needs. Let us do all the work because that is what we do.