Can You See Us Now?

After three years in business in Miami County, we feel lucky to be helping our neighbors connect to reliable and faster Internet. If you aren’t one of our Customers and haven’t had a chance to experience the best Internet in the country, then below are a few questions we answered to help you decide.

Questions about GoBrolly®’s Internet

You: Can I try before I buy?

Us: Absolutely! Come into the lobby of our office space at 8 South Broadway in Louisburg.  You can use our computer. Or better yet, bring in your own laptop for testing and we’ll help you establish a connection. Our Apple users are particularly pleased because they get all of their updates fast.

You can also try us out in other places who have our connection and offer free wireless to their customers, like Miss B’s, Louisburg Athletic Club, Cool Cats Tropical Sno and Louisburg Laundry in Louisburg Ks. However, please be respectful to other patrons who are also utilizing their services.

For a baseline to compare your home Internet speed with ours, run a test on this website prior to visiting our office:

You: Can you help me decide on a plan? I’m not sure which one is right for me.

Us: We’d love to! Tell us what you want to do and we’ll tell you how you can do it cost effectively. Here is what we normally suggest: sign up for one of our lower priced plans; then use your Internet as much as possible during that month.

That’s right. No matter what plan you purchase, you have no restrictions on your data during the first month! This gives you an idea of your maximum monthly usage. After that month, upgrade to a plan that covers your actual needs.

In addition, if you ever have extra people in the household (like children or grandchildren home for the summer or over the holidays) or are working on a single, large project requiring extra bandwidth and data  – use the GoBump℠. This is a temporary, two-billing cycle increase in bandwidth.

You: I need an unlimited data plan, do you have one?

Us: What we offer is limitless, useful data plans. Unlimited has been an excellent marketing tool for telephone companies who offer Internet as a “secondary” service. Some providers have “fine print” about Unlimited, others cut you off once you reach a certain point, and still others just  s l o w  you down — especially during “peak” usage times. We truly “Get a GIG-gle” about what other companies advertise, but it only hurts people like you because of their false promises. We have people who are online all day and/or work out of their homes and/or run video surveillance, and our plans work perfectly for them.

You: Is a wireless connection as reliable as a fiber connection?

Us: A wireless connection is MORE reliable than a fiber connection! Google’s “fiber” in Kansas City that created such a craze has stopped expanding, and has moved to a “wireless” system.  Today’s wireless technology is strong, and if we can get a clear signal to your property you will have fantastic Internet service. (By the way, the only times we have experienced problems is when our fiber backbone was disrupted during construction!)

You: Can you promptly reach Customer service? Or, are you only open on certain days of the week?

Us: You can always reach Customer service. In fact, Customers are so important to us that we spell the word with a capital “C,” (which gives our editor fits).

We don’t just work 3 days a week for you, we work 24/7/365. Our phone number at 913.837.4678. No matter the time, someone will be alerted.

We are also available through social media, like Twitter and Facebook. Please note that these formats are only monitored during office hours.

You: Can you get signal anytime, even during a thunderstorm?

Us: Our signal is not impacted by the weather. On top of that, our redundancy (backup) is several layers deep – meaning if something happens to one server, the other picks up the slack. We designed our infrastructure to enhance reliability to keep the signal strong.

You: Can your service create a peaceful and serene home office environment, even with my kids home for the summer?

Us: Yes! But if you miss the frustration of yelling at your children to stop gaming so you can finish an upload, we’ll let you downgrade at any time. (However, we should warn you, our lowest plan is still pretty darn fast!)

Can you see us now? Call 913.837.4678 to see more!

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