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What GoBrolly Customers Say

Read What Our Customers Say About Their GoBrolly® Internet Service

“We have been very happy with our service. Better speed and paying less than with our prior Internet supplier. I also appreciate the quick response when I have questions.” – from Facebook December 2017

Fantastic here in Louisburg!” – from Facebook December 2017

Counted the days until I could get GoBrolly ( and hounded them every month when I paid my satellite service). Have had their service about 6 months now. LOVE GoBrolly!” – from Facebook December 2017

Yes!..it’s good was paying $60/ month for satellite internet 12MB……I’m now paying $29.99 for $75….fast!….The details on speed provided are accurate !..trust me I’ve checked it!…if your rural …no cable …I’d highly recommend…very happy” – from Facebook December 2017

“Love GoBrolly. So far, GREAT service.” – from Facebook December 2017

So glad we switched to GoBrolly! Faster internet for lower cost than our previous provider. Great, friendly service too!” – from Facebook December 2017

Great service, great customer service, & reasonable price! As a GoBrolly customer we finally feel like we live in the 21st century!” – from Facebook December 2017

“Customer Service.” [what GoBrolly does really well] – from survey December 2017

“The price is great!” – from survey September 2017.

“Extremely likely to recommend GoBrolly to a friend. Josh and Andy did a great install. They were fast and very professional!! Thank You.” – from survey September 2017.

“Very Professional.” [what GoBrolly does really well] – from survey July 2017.

“Customer service! [what GoBrolly does really well] I don’t mind calling. In fact, I look forward to it!” – from survey June 2017.

“Past [the] great people and excellent Internet service, I’d have to say their customer service has impressed me the most.” – from survey June 2017.

“We have been with you 4 or 5 months and have had nothing but great service since we switched from MoKan! Thank you! My son is a gamer and loves your service!” – from email May 2017.

“We are very happy with our decision to have GoBrolly as our ISP. Service is great, communication and customer service are top notch as well!” – from survey April 2017.

“I have been extremely satisfied since day one, down time is rare and customer service is fantastic. We are now able to stream movies and shows on demand.” – from survey April 2017.

“Excellent value for great Internet and wonderful customer service.” – from survey April 2017.

“Uptime is Great!” – from survey April 2017.

“The customer service is legendary. I would go as far as characterizing as the “bomb-diggity.” Oh yeah, we like the great speed, consistent up time, reliability, response time! Two thumbs up from this customer! The only upsetting thing is that I didn’t switch over sooner! – signed Happy in Hillsdale, Kansas.

“Very good speed. So much faster than my last Internet provider! Great customer service!!!” – from survey April 2017.

“Internet service is faster and more reliable than the other options in the area.” – from survey April 2017.

“What do you do well? Everything a business is supposed to do. Customer service, the actual service provided is top notch, and guys aren’t afraid to let us know when something is wrong. Twice now you’ve offered me free upgrades. That’s kind of unheard of. Fantastic stuff, guys. Thank you.” – from survey April 2017.

“Thank you so much. We do LOVE GoBrolly & the free upgrades are Greatly Appreciated. Also the keeping in touch with us when circumstances beyond your control have happened: like when the construction was cutting your conduit. Thanks for your great service & the upgrades.”  – by email.

“Great service. Wonderful customer service. Internet is fast and reliable and I just received a customer appreciation upgrade free!!! Wouldn’t get Internet from anyone else!” – from Facebook.

“Good support of their system and great communications.” – from survey.

“Absolutely the BEST Communications Company I have done business with! I experienced a minor problem shortly after signing up; and though it was Saturday, my call was answered promptly and a Tech was available to help. The Tech stepped me through a troubleshooting procedure and discovered the problem was with my equipment. She patiently explained how I could correct the problem on my end. Within minutes my internet connection was blazing along again. Great Customer Service. Beating that, I received an email today notifying me of a FREE Upgrade! Spectacular Customer Service. We are so pleased to be a Happy GoBrolly Customer. Give them a try!” – from Facebook.