The GoBrolly® Jewel Program

GoBrolly® Internet created the Jewel program at the end of 2014 to honor and recognize community assets. As a small business in a small community, we saw the need to bring to the forefront people who we feel make a difference our area. Once selected as a Jewel, we will write a blog post about the individual or business, and include all online social avenues to contact or read more about the Jewel. We then places this post on many social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

GoBrolly® understands the value of social media and how exposure can be highlighted in an online environment. It is a simple, humble effort to help build our rural communities, and to honor those individuals who strengthen it with their product, service or humanitarian effort.

These rural communities we live in are full of highly intellectual, energetic and focused small business owners, inventors, and self-employed people. We know the Jewel program’s resources are endless. If you know of someone who you believe qualifies to be named as a Jewel, please feel free to contact GoBrolly® at 913.837.4678 or submit a Jewel Nomination Form.

Past Jewels:

NOVEMBER 2017: Vince Whitehouse
SEPTEMBER 2017: Miami County Arts Coalition
JULY 2017: Prothe’s Pecans & Jake Creek Pecans
MAY 2017: The Thirsty Coconut
FEBRUARY 2017: Bucyrus and Hillsdale Jewels, The Dovers
NOVEMBER 2016: Clarence Paul Lewis, First Lieutenant
JULY 2016: Louisburg Cider Mill
JUNE 2016: Powell Observatory
DECEMBER 2015: Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory & Education Center
NOVEMBER 2016: Lawrence Eddie Bauer, U.S. Army CPL E-4
OCTOBER 2015: Sara Bower Youngblood, The Painted Portrait
SEPTEMBER 2015: Bill & Brenda Harris, Rutlader Outpost
AUGUST 2015: Nate Apple, Nate Apple Concrete
JUNE 2015: Leroy Schmidt & the Crack Cart, Patchworks Plus
MAY 2015: Kate Meadows, Kate Meadows Editing & Writing
APRIL 2015: Jan Garber, Miami County Tractor Association
MARCH 2015: Megan Hill, Destination Fun Travel
FEBRUARY 2015: Andy Brown, Louisburg Sports Zone
JANUARY 2015: Big Gator Tools
DECEMBER 2014: Neil Spector, ShockClamp