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#MyGoBrollyStory are experiences our Customers share with us after using GoBrolly® Internet. Want your story to be published? Simply email our team at with the hashtag #MyGoBrollyStory and let us know what you think.

BrollyBirdI Get to Live in My Dream House.

“I have an online coaching and consulting business. I am doing Zoom video calls often with clients. I need a stable connection and high speed to make it work. Here’s the kicker, I live outside of Louisburg on an acreage. No fiber or anything else gets here. GoBrolly® installed a receiver on a pole on my roof to get the good connection I need. The result? No issues. I get a great connection and speed. Even in rain storms! I get to live in my dream house, work out of my home office, and give great service to my customers. Thanks GoBrolly®!

D.C., #MyGoBrollyStory, Louisburg, Kansas

BrollyBirdThey Are What They Say.

“I’d like to share what a magnificent difference the GoBrolly® team and service has made to the quality of our family life.

We live in the rural country side and Internet was something that ‘people in the city’ had. We did start with dial up, however it was basically useless. Then came along another local company with “line of site” wireless broadband Internet service. They came out tested and said we were ‘good-to-go’, so we signed up for their plan.

Needless to say after one year [with this company], the frustration was real. Outages after nearly every storm, days to repair and customer service was nearly impossible to reach. Did I mention the cost? Enough said!

I received a flier on satellite and the ‘next generation’ Internet. The rates were even more, but considering trade-offs in life we signed up. Had to be better, right? We were paying more and we could somewhat stream video (minor buffering) but their catch was – what I’ve come to understand – is getting ‘throttled,’ along with plenty of service interruptions.

Lesson learned. Read the ‘small print.’

We suffered through to the end of that contact like all the times before. Then once again, I received a mailer. This time it was from an interesting company name, GoBrolly®, with flashy colors and a great read on the mailer. Nearly too good to be true, was my first thought. I called, a super friendly and courteous man came out in a matching-colored truck as the mailer. He tested and he said ‘good-to-go’.

We signed up, and this service has been by far the least trouble free, best customer service, easy billing (no forced changes) and when the kids come home they can play video games, stream Netflix, surf the web, all the above . . . and zero buffering!

Wait for it . . . wait for it . . . GoBrolly® not only has the best price, the best service . . . but upgraded us to more data for free. Yes, FREE!

Our experience has been outstanding for over two years, and based on past real life experience, they are what they say and have proven with action that they are the right choice. I certainly would recommend them to any one with in their service network range!”

K.K., #MyGoBrollyStory, Paola, Kansas

BrollyBirdHello. I Love You.

“We recently moved to the Paola area, and almost found our dreams of living in the country come crashing to the ground! I had always taken it for granted that I would have access to fast, reliable Internet connection wherever I moved, and naively, did not research Internet Service Provider’s (ISP’s) when we bought a house in Miami County. I quickly found we were in ISP purgatory, where satellite appeared to be our only option. Every other provider I called did not support our area.

After I ordered satellite services and awaited the setup, I researched the pluses and minuses of Satellite internet. My research basically confirmed that Satellite Internet is nothing like broadband or other options. Speed, latency – everything was nowhere near what I was used to with the Google connection we enjoyed in Olathe. I was beginning to regret moving and trying to figure out how we would support Internet browsing, gaming, and our hobbies, which includes a Doors tribute band that I play keyboards in: Mr Mojo Risin’.

These days social media is critical to a band’s success and driving show attendance. Without fast, reliable Internet, I would not be able to upload videos and maintain our website and social media sites to keep up. Before the satellite was installed, I read about GoBrolly®, and at the time thought it was too good to be true. Fast, reliable Internet and affordable – was right here in Miami County! My experience has been great from that very first phone call. Service was set up within a day, and my connection is screaming fast!

We are back to watching / downloading / uploading videos, gaming, and surfing with speed. I love GoBrolly® service! Everyone I have talked to there is friendly and very helpful. I am a loyal customer now and love our service!!

Break on through . . .

M.P., #MyGoBrollyStory, Paola, Kansas 

BrollyBirdThe Internet Just Works; Reliably and Consistently

“We moved to Louisburg from Kansas City where we had Google Fiber (GF) for our ISP. I enjoyed GF but we were always having issues where the network speeds would jump up and down and it was very inconsistent. I complained about the inconsistency for a bit but was informed that all ISP’s were like that and to not worry about it.

We arrived at our new house in Louisburg and I was very apprehensive about finding a reliable ISP that met both my wants and needs for Internet services. There were only a couple companies and they were EXPENSIVE and gave very little bang-for-buck. We signed up with Via-Sat, paying an exorbitant amount of money for 15 GB of monthly downloads at 8 Mbps speeds. I wasn’t happy about it but not knowing there were other ISP’s in town, I dealt with it. We signed up, and because we were going on vacation the very next day, disconnected their router they forced us to use. When we got home three days later, we discovered that, even with nothing plugged in, Via-Sat was telling us we had used 75 GB and counting. I fought this for a week, every second they charged us more and more for data we weren’t using. Finally, I just didn’t have enough time or energy to keep fighting them so we paid a significant amount to terminate our contract and lived without any ISP for a week . . . until I found a brochure for GoBrolly® on my door.

I called and heard in disbelief as the GoBrolly® rep told me about their service and the amount of data and the speeds they provided. Could this be too good to be true? They even let me use my own home network router (Google Fiber didn’t even let me do that). We quickly signed up. Every word they told me was true. We’ve been with GoBrolly® for almost three years now and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually thought about them. The Internet just works; reliably and consistently.

Three months ago, we disconnected our DirecTV service and went full Hulu Live streaming services, and it’s been a breeze working with GoBrolly® to make sure we are getting enough data. The speeds (though a bit slower than we had with Google Fiber) are SIGNIFICANTLY more consistent. They actually often exceed what my package says I’m paying for, and they almost never dip below my plan’s speeds.

Thank you, GoBrolly®, for being an oasis in the wasteland of sub-par ISP’s that is Louisburg. Forever may you reign! It’s good to live in the BrollyHood!”

T.L., #MyGoBrollyStory, Louisburg, Kansas

BrollyBirdCustomer for Life

“After suffering for years with unreliable speeds/service and unwillingness to help from other providers, GoBrolly® was a breath of fresh air! I immediately switched, and WOW am I glad I did! That was over three years ago and this has been easily the best ISP I’ve ever had to deal with. I work from home often and the reliability, performance and customer service is unbeatable – simply the best in town, not to mention being more affordable for a better plan than the other providers could offer! From having four heavy bandwidth users on our network from playing console/pc games, streaming services, working remotely and using home automation – not even once have I experienced any outages or slow downs of the posted speeds of our plan . . . and we are even in one of the light green radius areas of service. I think it speaks volumes that they are truly passionate about their commitment to their customers and the service that they offer. What other Internet providers can say that? What a win-win, and we will be GoBrolly® customers for life!”

B.G., #MyGoBrollyStory

BrollyBirdWhen Weather Turned Bad

“I wondered, after I switched services [to GoBrolly®] how it would be when the weather turned bad. Well, after the blizzard conditions we had Sunday, November 25, I got my answer. 10 stars for GoBrolly®! I couldn’t see 50 feet from our house, and I worked on my computer during the whole storm with no issues. Thank you for great service.”

J.A., #MyGoBrollyStory

BrollyBirdThis Service Rocks!

“To anyone needing Internet Service: Living in the country makes ‘High Speed Internet’ or at least ‘Quality Internet’ so hard if not impossible to find!

We have used three different providers in the past and had nothing but slow speeds, service that drops connections due to interference or just all around bad service that was expensive and just didn’t hardly work. None of our services were we able to download much without running out of allotted data, we couldn’t stream any movies or videos without buffering or crashing. How frustrating!

We moved down the road to a new home this last year started looking for providers. The first company was a no-show on appointments three straight times as we sat and waited for nothing! After a month (and never coming out) they said they can’t help us! The second provider wanted to lock us into a unrealistic contract with a huge cancellation agreement not knowing if their service would even work. A third provider came out and stood on our roof and just could not get a signal. ‘Sorry,’ they said.

Call GoBrolly®, my friend told me. They have great service and the Internet actually works as advertised. I made the call and they said we can come right out today if you want. Yes!

They showed up on time, climbed on the roof and said there were three towers he could hit and got the best signal from one seven miles away, and the install was a couple days later!

Holy cow! They had several programs to choose from, awesome pricing, fast and neat installation. My new house did not have the wires or cables anywhere to be seen.

Our speed is great to start with, but we are also connected with several cell phones, tablets, home & work computers. Everything runs smooth on our GoBrolly® Internet Connection.

Our Wi-Fi works great, and we can stream anything while still using everything the is connected! Just got an email that they just upgraded our speed and data limits without a charge. Who Does This?

This Service Rocks! I highly recommend GOBROLLY® to anyone and everyone that wants a company that puts its money where its mouth is so to speak!”

T.M., #MyGoBrollyStory

BrollyBirdReliable, High-Speed Internet

“We’ve been with GoBrolly® for several years now. In fact, I called them the day their flyer showed up on my door. After 10 years of unreliable DSLR service, whose customer service continually told me the problem was on my end, I was looking for a new internet service. I was skeptical that GoBrolly® could indeed deliver the service they promised, however we were so unhappy with our prior service we decided to start with GoBrolly®. Immediately, all the “problems with our equipment” the other service claimed I had disappeared. Our service with GoBrolly® worked perfectly . . . Since then, we’ve had reliable, high-speed internet with great customer service.”

K.B., #MyGoBrollyStory

So Much Better

“GoBrolly® has been terrific. I’ve had it for a few years now and it works great, the billing is consistent and easy, and the rare times where I’ve needed to call with service issues, the staff is helpful and get things fixed quickly! There’s no contract so I could leave at any time, but I’ve never even considered it. It’s SO MUCH BETTER than my previous provider.”

T.S, #MyGoBrollyStory

No Issues with Netflix

“Since we switched to GoBrolly® we haven’t had the issues we started experiencing with our previous provider. No issues with Netflix, wireless phone or Internet. When I have called the office everyone has been very polite. The installation was done in the time frame that was explained to us when we made our decision to switch. Thank you, GoBrolly®!!”

J.A., #MyGoBrollyStory

No Lag, No Drops

“Thank you, GoBrolly®, for being our reliable Internet provider. We had 12 Fantasy Football drafters all on devices using our internet to draft their Fantasy Football teams! No lag, no drops . . . GoBrolly® Just Works!”

J.H., #MyGoBrollyStory

The GoBrolly® Difference

  • Reliable. “It just works when I need it to!”
  • Fast. “Uploads are like, BAM!”
  • Customer Service. “Your customer care is superb. One of your GoGetters who installed my equipment answered many questions I had about your infrastructure. That kind of knowledgeability is actually quite rare in its employees. I thank you for your service and hope you continue growing.”
  • Economical Pricing. Plans start as low as $29.95 a month with 75 GB of free data. “Great speed, customer service and price.”

  • Large data plans. All data plans have the option for extra data. Data overage only .99 cents per each 1 GB over the plan. “Your data plans? We don’t come close to what our plan allows. Your service is flawless.”

Not a Customer yet? Call us now: (913) 837-4678 or fill out a site survey. You’ll be glad you did!