Customer Referral Program GoBrolly Internet

Our Customer Referral Program

For each new subscriber you refer to us, you will receive a month’s credit equal to the amount of the service the new Customer installs.

As an added bonus, the new Customer will also receive a full, one-month credit for the plan they choose just because you sent them.

We will leave it up to the new Customer to let us know who should get the credit, so please make sure they tell us that you sent them.

This does not apply to installation charges, routers, time payment options, data overages, or upgrades. This offer only applies to the new monthly Internet plan fee, and requires a 24-month agreement.

You can only receive one credit per new Customer, but there is no limit to the amount of referral credits that you can receive. Yes, you can have free Internet with enough referrals.

This is not a cash offer – just Internet plan credits.

Quiz #1

What do you get when you refer someone who signs up for one of our Internet plans?

You Celebrate!

YOU get a credit off your statement equal to the amount of their monthly bill AND your friend who just signed up gets one month free!

Quiz #2

What if I refer 12 friends who sign up with GoBrolly?

You REALLY Celebrate!

Because you pretty much get a year’s free Internet . . . depending upon what plan you have and what plan your 12 friends purchase. There is no limit to referring us and receiving Internet credit, just make sure we know so we can credit your account properly!