Common Questions

Common Questions about GoBrolly®s Internet Services

I am not sure what I have now.

We hear that a lot. You can check your Internet provider (either your phone or cable company) and your bill should have your plan on it. However, we find it is easier (and much faster!) to actually test your speed by using this cool little website. It shows you how much you have going up and what you have coming down. That will give you a starting point.

Who is GoBrolly®?

Gobrolly® is part of Brolly Communications, which was founded in 2013 by several longtime Louisburg residents who saw a need in the community for a high-speed wireless service that was reliable and affordable. We live here; we raise our families here. We have found that work-at-home professionals do not have adequate Internet, and we are driven to help homes and businesses in Kansas and Missouri rural communities as steady growth continues.

What is your service area?

We are continually growing. Currently, the GoBrolly® service area covers Louisburg, Paola, Wea, Stilwell, Bucyrus, Hillsdale and Hillsdale Lake, Spring Hill, New Lancaster, and Rutlader in Kansas. We’ve expanded east into Cass County, including Cleveland and Freeman, and south into Drexel. However, it is important that we conduct a site survey at your location in order to guarantee a strong signal.

What is your activation fee?

The GoBrolly® activation fee starts at $249.95.

Do you include a router?

Yes. The BrollyCare Router (required) is an additional $4.95 a month.

You have two different prices on your plans. How can I get the lowest price per month?

The lowest price presented is considering a 12-month contract with the activation fee paid upfront. You have the option of paying the activation fee throughout the contract, which would slightly increase your fee each month.

Do I have the option to get extra data on my plan?

Yes. If you are interested in a plan but want more data, please contact the office at 913.837.4678 and we will provide you with all the details to find exactly what you need.

What if I want to get out of the contract?

In order to get out of a contract we would require a written, 30-day notice to start the process. The amount due at time of disconnection would be half the remaining contract and an $80 disconnection fee to remove the equipment from the home or business.

How does weather affect service?

The weather does not affect service. Unlike satellite companies, our signal is received locally from our towers. The towers are on battery backups to prevent disconnection from power outages and surges.

I have cable right now. Is your service reliable?

Absolutely. Our redundancy (backup) is several layers deep – meaning if something happens to one server, the other picks up the slack. We also have designed our infrastructure to enhance reliability to keep the signal strong and reduce what is called “fading.”

What makes your service so different? So much faster?

We’re super geeks. Plain and simple. We’ve been in the Internet/communications industry for a combined 44 years and know how to design Internet plans to provide you with the fastest, most reliable Internet available. We are not using any different technology. We’re just using the existing technology differently. We understand that the Internet is a communications gateway, which means it needs to “talk” both ways to your devices. If you cannot send up information quickly, it will take longer to understand the conversation and send it back down to you. So we designed plans that have more “up” speed than normal providers at a lower price. We’re also connected to a fiber backbone and have created a network that is less contended, or shared, than others. It is like a super highway . . . other providers give you a four-lane highway, and we are prepared to give you as many lanes as you need. So the bottom line? No more traffic jams.

It seems more expensive.

It is not. GoBrolly® has the most price competitive offerings at any speed from any vendor in the market. Here’s an example: if you are paying the typical 4 Mbps down (receiving) and 1 Mbps up (sending) then you are probably spending $39.95 (residential) or $49.95 (business) a month just for Internet, which does not include the cost of the phone line which is an additional $30. For $34.95, GoBrolly® can give you a 6 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up, with no phone line required. This will give you a faster connection and save you money each year.

What is a Mbps, and why is that important?

Mbps stands for “Mega Bits Per Second” and refers to data transfer speeds as measured in Megabits. One Megabit is a little over one million bits, and Mbps indicates the transfer of one million bits of data each second. Mbps should not be confused with Megabytes, (or MB), which is a unit of data transfer. The higher number of Mbps that you have available, the faster your computer will upload to and download MB from the Internet.

What happens if my equipment breaks?

If your equipment is supplied by GoBrolly®, we will replace it free of charge if the equipment is faulty or if the break is due to random acts of nature.

I want to stream videos from places like Netflix, Hulu or YouTube.

The starting connection for streaming SD video is the $34.95 Basic Video connection. You should really consider the $54.95 Better-for-Video connection, which exceeds the FCC Rural Broadband Standard, for multiple complete High Definition (HD) videos. You can always upgrade. It’s that easy.

I want to watch and send videos up to YouTube.

You need a plan with enough “up” speed to accomplish this task of communicating with the Internet. The Streaming Plus connection for $114.95 a month is just for you. This is an 22 Mbps down and 11 Mbps up connection, with plenty of data, that will keep out that nasty “buffering” and delay in streaming. Exceeds the FCC Rural Broadband Standard.

I want Internet and I need a phone. How do you do that?

This is called VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. It means you can have a phone service and be able to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, toll free.

What about my business? Can you help there?

Absolutely. Our business plans are designed to account for multiple users who are accessing the system at any time, both locally and remotely, to provide you with more efficiency. Because we know that: EFFICIENCY = MONEY. We also have plans to account for video surveillance (watching your camera images live on a secured network on your computer or other mobile device) which is very popular in businesses (and becoming more popular in residential settings, as well). We have plans that can give you as much bandwidth as you need to host training videos, work with photos and other large images (for professional photographers and graphic designers) and online editing. Call us. Let’s set up a site survey to see what we can do for you and how we can start saving you money today.

Will Skype work?

Of course! Better than it ever has. In fact, bring your device into our office and check it out for yourself. Our Basic Video plan is the perfect starter plan for Skype, Zoom Conferencing, Facetime or Roku.

I work from home. Which connection would be right for me?

The Home Office plan was made for just you in mind. It is perfect for VoIP, VPN, and two-way Video. In addition, if you ever have a single, large project that needs to be done, and you only need the extra bandwidth for just the duration of the project – use the GoBump℠. This is a temporary, two-billing cycle increase in bandwidth. Our Home Office plan is only $74.95 a month. (We won’t tell anyone you use it for streaming 1080p High Definition video when you aren’t working.) If you conduct light business from home, you could start with the Better-for-Video plan and you may upgrade at any time. These plans exceed the FCC Rural Broadband Standard.

Can I get a connection that will allow me to do online gaming?

Online gaming requires two things: Low latency (or minimal delay) and more “up” sending speed. We offer both. Do you notice that if you host the game, you have a better score? We offer connections so that everyone in the household can use the Internet at the same time you game. Consider the Gaming Online plan with plenty of data to keep everyone happy – allowing you to continue to host your game at that speed. You can also start out with the Streaming Plus plan and upgrade at any time. Our network is less contended, or shared, than others that you have used. Reliable, fast, dedicated, uninterrupted data connections make the game and helps to keep you ranked at the top. Visit our Facebook page and check out comments from “gamers” who used our GoBrolly® service.

All I need is email and occasional Internet browsing.

We have the perfect plan for you. It is the GoBrolly® Basic Video for only $34.95 per month.

I’m confused and don’t know what I need!

No worries! The easiest thing for you to do is pick up the phone and call us so we can help you walk through your needs. You probably have many more questions, so contact us at 913.837.4678. We’ll be happy to discuss everything. You may also email us if that is easier for you.


Our Internet may be too fast. Warning signs are an increase in productivity and household or office members feeling peaceful and serene. If this is the case, and you miss the frenzy and frustration, you can downgrade at anytime.