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Support and Service from GoBrolly®

Please Note: If you are experiencing power outages at your location, your Internet will not work because your router will not be connected to power. If your power returns and you are unable to access the Internet, please telephone us. 

If your are experiencing problems with your Internet service from GoBrolly®, please contact us immediately at 913-837-4678. Our service is open 24/7/365. You also may fill out the form below and we will get back with you within 1 business day.

For more general Internet support, especially for the do-it-yourselfers, we are compiling articles that may help answer questions we normally receive from our Customers.

Why is My Internet So Slow?

Why is My Internet So Slow? Are you frustrated because you feel like you aren't getting the Internet speeds you paid for? One of the most common ways to test your Internet connection is [...]

How to Find Your WiFi Password

Did you lose or forget your WiFi Internet password? Follow these simple steps for WiFi password retrieval for Mac OS and Windows below. Windows 10 Password Retrieval Click on the WiFi area of the [...]

What is a Static IP and When Would I Need One?

What is a Static IP and When Would I Need One? GoBrolly provides Dynamic Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to our Customers, but sometimes we are asked to provide a Static IP address. Unless you have a technical background [...]

How to Access Your GoBrolly Account

Download PDF of Document Let's say you just finished signing up for GoBrolly Internet and your kids come home for summer break. Can you upgrade? Absolutely. You can also pay [...]

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