Part 8 – Summary of Data and Bandwidth Requirements

In our series of blogs leading to this final one, we provided technical information intended to estimate data and bandwidth used in your more popular Internet activities. The blogs calculated singular activities, such as if a household has one person who Skypes or has Zoom conferencing for 8 hours a day but performs no other Internet-related tasks.

We’re pretty sure that’s NOT how the average household functions!

Hopefully, you understand the point. Every on-line activity consumes differing amounts of data and bandwidth. In reality, there are usually several people in one household who are using the Internet in some manner, or a couple of people using several devices in some manner. And often it’s happening all at once.

To determine the best Internet package for your needs, a good rule of thumb is to take all your activities (see infographic) and add the data and bandwidth together. For example, if you listen to music all day and you are a gamer, add:

MUSIC : 30 GB/mo and .5 Mbps Download and Upload Speed
GAMING : 40 GB/mo and 12 Mbps Download and 6 Mbps Upload speed

You would need 70 GB a month included data, and 12.5 Mbps Download speed and 6.5 Mbps Upload speed. You could start with our Home Office plan and upgrade from there, it’s that easy.

Have more than one person doing the same thing? Double it. This will give you an “estimated” idea on what you would be needing in an Internet provider. Don’t worry, we provide detailed data usage on each bill, and we notify you via email at 50 percent, 75 percent, 90 percent, and 95 percent. No Surprises.

Infographic on the Amount of Data and Bandwidth Requirements for Internet Activities

(Click on image to enlarge)

The Amount of Data and Bandwidth Required for Internet Applications - Copyright GoBrolly® Wireless Internet


What we would recommend, however, is calling us! We “Internet Geeks” have spent hours studying the best ways for the Internet to run, and have designed our “Up” and “Down” speeds for maximum efficiency. We came up with several scenarios of Internet activity, along with how many Internet users live in the home. And we’ve included our Internet packages with friendly, descriptive names.

To illustrate this, here are some scenarios that are closer to real life (along with the plan best suited for them):

  • For a single user, with a mix of email, VoIP, music, web browsing and video, consider the GoBrolly® Basic Video. This plan can run all of these applications very well.
  • A family of four, who watch streaming video and also like to indulge in video games, should consider the GoBrolly® Family-of-Four plan.
    • For each additional movie or gaming usage all at the same time, just multiply by the devices. Such as 8 hours (or four 1080p HD movies streaming at the same time, it would take a 3 Mbps x 1.5 Mbps times four movies or a 12 x 6 connection!)
  • If you really want 4K video, you can start with the GoBrolly® Streaming Plus Plan. And you can always upgrade, it is just that easy.

Case Study

We have a work-from-home Customer who needed a connection to her home office. We started her with a 25 Mbps x 5 Mbps connection. The FCC recommended this connection, and it had a 20 percent upload bandwidth. She was glad that she could finally work from home, but she was not happy with the performance. It took at least 3 seconds to load a spreadsheet.

Could something be done? Absolutely! We know that time = efficiency = money.

We re-configured that same connection as a 20 Mbps x 10 Mbps, and it performed perfectly. The spreadsheet loaded twice as fast! The down, or receiving, bandwidth was reduced 20 percent and the up, or sending, bandwidth was increased by 100 percent. The balance of the connection was changed from the 20 percent upload to a 50 percent upload. The download speed actually dropped, but the connection performed better.

This Customer loves her Internet provider.

Final Thoughts

  • Don’t overpay for something you don’t need and can’t actually get, like the “unlimited” gimmick, or the “bundle” gimmick.
  • Let us show you a 25 Mbps x 12.5 Mbps connection – it outperforms. We know; we tested it. Our Customers requested it. Yes, we are willing to prove it. We are willing to compare to that 100 Mbps x 10 Mbps connection.
  • As we listened to our Customers, we discovered that more up, or sending, bandwidth increased the efficiency of the connection. Our network is now configured for 50 percent up speed.

We configured GoBrolly®’s network for video usage and balanced broad bandwidth. This means we balance the down and up bandwidth for optimum performance with the correct receiving-to-sending ratio to match. There is never a limit or a throttle, it is truly Limitless. It just works.

P.S. Can You See Us Now?