Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

There have been a lot of stories swirling around net neutrality. We felt motivated to chime in to let our Customers know our position.

First, we’d like to include some definitions over the terms we’re discussing.


Internet Service Provider (ISP) –  a company that provides Internet access. GoBrolly® is an ISP. (And since we’re wireless, we are actually an WISP. However, in the terms of this article we will use the more generic term of ISP.)

Content provider – any group, business, organization, or individual that provides a website for information or entertainment to the Internet.

Net neutrality – the name given to a set of rules created and enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). These rules prevent an ISP from slowing or blocking certain Internet content from consumers. In addition, ISPs cannot charge content providers a fee for having its content delivered faster than other content providers. And ISPs cannot deliberately slow sites from content providers that may be competitors.

In the most simplistic of terms, and according to much of the news surrounding this debate, the argument boils down to two sides. On one side, there are the content providers, like Microsoft, who want an “open” Internet and say they want net neutrality rules. On the other side, there are the ISPs, like GoBrolly®, who would like the rules as they stand dissolved.

But that scenario is a bit misleading.

Even though most ISPs, GoBrolly® included, want the rules rolled back, they still support a free and neutral Internet. According to a New York Times article, just because they support removing the regulations, it doesn’t mean ISPs would change pricing. Charging extra or throttling certain content, is not palatable to the majority of ISPs because “they face enormous consumer pressure to keep their networks functioning well.”

The article included a quote by Michael Powell, former FCC chairman and current president of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, as follows:

“There’s a premise out there that we are itching to block, itching to create slow lanes, but we’re not.” The ISPs “don’t see how one could create a profitable business model by degrading the experience of their consumers.”

GoBrolly®’s Take

At GoBrolly®, we feel the rules inhibit innovation because of their regulatory strain and regulatory uncertainty. Those seeking to revolutionize the way the Internet streams, like GoBrolly®, are forced to contend with expensive and time-consuming reporting requirements.

We also believe that we have designed the correct form of Internet WITHOUT any government interdiction. The free and open Internet IS GoBrolly®.

The following summarizes some of our thoughts surrounding net neutrality (you’ll notice that we’re not on any “side” of the controversy):

  • We are for unregulated Internet, because the FCC is regulation without representation.
  • We don’t need the FCC to tell us what our plans and prices have to be. We strive to be fair and competitive. Always.
  • We don’t need the FCC responding to our Customer needs. We want to provide the best Customer experience possible. Bottom line.
  • We are against the FCC making rules on which Congress did not vote. This provides a cycle that is up for grabs every time there is an administration change.
  • We are against ISPs forcing the content providers to pay a toll to use their network, and then giving those who pay preferential treatment (remember, we’re an ISP and could profit from that). Our business model treats all content providers fairly and neutrally.
  • We are against content providers forcing ISPs to build a network without giving the ISPs a chance.

In our opinion, competition is the answer. Let the Customers decide what ISP they want. And when consumers become disillusioned and frustrated with their service, they’ll search for an ISP that doesn’t throttle, block or discriminate on content.

GoBrolly® does not choose content for our Customers. We do not exclude content from our Customers. We have not, nor will we ever, mislead our Customers on the ability of our network to deliver what they want, when they want it. (As long as it is legal.)

With GoBrolly®, the Internet “Just Works.” Every time. And we’ll keep it that way, government rules or no government rules.

Brolly on!

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