To celebrate National Hummingbird Day, which falls every year on the first Saturday in September, here are the many reasons we love our hummingbird.

We often hear the question: “Why is a hummingbird GoBrolly®’s mascot?” Our agile little bird, named Bumbershoot (which is another word for umbrella), represents the energy, vigor and speed that GoBrolly® brings to Miami County’s choices for an Internet connection. We often refer to our business as providing the Internet on steroids. So then we thought it fitting to pump up our tiny bundle of energy into a muscular powerhouse when we celebrated our 3rd anniversary at the beginning of this year.

Hummingbird Trivia

A hummingbird is unique from other birds in that it gets lift not only from the down stroke of its wings, but also the up stroke. And just like the hummingbird, we know that the Internet up speed is just as important as the down speed. (Read The Importance of Internet Up Speed.)

In addition, the hummingbird is fast. And so is GoBrolly®. While National Geographic hasn’t written an article on us, it does describe the tiny hummingbird as performing “a death-defying courtship dive, plummeting to the ground at speeds and accelerations that put jet fighters to shame.”

“The tiny 7cm bird reaches a top speed of 60mph and at the fastest point of the dive, it covers 385 times its own body length every second. For its size, it’s the fastest aerial maneuver performed by any bird. In contrast, the famous attack dive of the peregrine falcon, while much faster in absolute terms, only covers 200 body lengths per second.

The hummingbird can even fly relatively faster than a jet fighter with afterburners ablaze, which only reaches 150 body lengths per second, or a space shuttle re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, which covers just 207 body lengths per second.”

And while we’re not trying to woo you romantically, we know we need to prove our worth. We are always happy to show that we can compete and win your business over the other big Internet providers.

So celebrate National Hummingbird Day with us by scheduling a no-obligation site survey. Or by coming in to our office with your laptop for a free test of our connection. Or perhaps just celebrate by chuckling at how Bumbershoot gets pumped up on our Internet.