GoBrolly's Public Service Announcement

The Internet is a Shared Resource

Public Service Announcement

In this unprecedented time, we understand that your Internet has become a crucial resource.

GoBrolly® Internet does not “Throttle” or “Limit” our Customer’s connection in any form. The data we provide is truly limitless, and always delivered at your rated speed.

Because the Internet is a shared resource, and to keep and maintain fairness for all of our Customers, our normal network and business practices remain in place. This includes the ability to upgrade your plan speeds and data with just a phone call or email. GoBrolly® will even upgrade your plan retro-actively.

Please be advised that Government and Public Safety Service uses may require us to increase the priority and bandwidth for those uses, and if that occurs, our delivery policies of Internet may have to change.

From the CEO of GoBrolly® Internet
March 26, 2020