Paola Jewel Pecans

Some say pi-ˈkän. And some say pē-ˌkan. But any way you say it, did you know that you can buy pecans fresh from the farm right here in Miami County?

For our GoBrolly® Jewel, we highlight two businesses in Paola and the hard-working families behind them who cultivate and sell pecans.

Prothe’s Pecans

Prothe’s Pecans in Paola is owned by Leland and Slina Prothe. According to their website, they are fourth generation land owners. But they are the first generation to start cultivating the native pecans that had always graced the acreage.

It started in 1987, when Leland Prothe was clearing a 20-acre pasture. He noticed the native pecan trees and decided to cultivate them. Since then, they’ve added another 40 acres and now sell different types of pecans, like the Pawnee and Kanza varieties. Black walnuts are also available.

The Prothes recommend calling ahead if you plan to tour the farm. By setting a time for the visit, they can be certain to be there and have your nut choices prepared for you.

Prothe’s Pecans is located at 33850 Victory Rd. Paola, Kansas, 66071.
913-849-3358 or 913-449-1719

Jake Creek Pecans

What began as a hobby for Brad and Lila Carter, quickly became a full-time job.

According to their website, they purchased 200 saplings from Kansas State University in 1994. By continually adding saplings and purchasing additional property, their Paola farm now has over 1,900 trees.

“We spend our springs pruning and grafting, our summers watering and mowing, and our falls harvesting so that we can offer our customers only delicious, locally grown Jake Creek Pecans.”

The majority of their harvest includes Pawnee and Kanza varieties. But they also have Goosepond, Peruque, and Gardner.

The Carters recommend calling prior to visiting the farm.

Jake Creek Pecans is located at 11469 W 335th St, Paola KS 66071.
Phone: 913-406-2501 and 913-849-3654

Both businesses can be found selling their pecans at area farmer’s markets in the summers. Visit their websites for details.

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