Can You Get Internet Like GoBrolly®’s Anywhere in the Country?

Can you get Internet like GoBrolly®’s anywhere in the country?

No. It’s better than what you can get anywhere in the country.

Just because Miami and Cass counties are small, it doesn’t make them out of touch. We are seeing that work-at-home professionals are not just a trend of a few, it is the future work environment for many. Therefore, people need more reliable and faster Internet than originally available outside large city limits. So we utilize cutting-edge technology to provide an Internet service superior to any other available, not just the country, but in the USA.

We are not using any different technology. We’re just using existing technology differently. We understand that the Internet needs to “talk” both ways to your devices. If you cannot send up information quickly, it will take longer to understand the conversation and send it back to you. Because of this, we designed plans that have more “up” speed than normal providers at a lower price.

You will have a connection every time you need it. It Just Works. Unlike satellite companies, our signal is received locally from our towers. The towers are on battery backups to prevent disconnection from power outages and surges. Our redundancy (backup) is several layers deep – meaning if something happens to one server, the other picks up the slack.

So GoBrolly® is lightning fast due to our technology and options for better UP speeds. No other Internet provider offers this type of two-way connection. That’s right. It is even more reliable than Google fiber (who discontinued their “fiber” service in Kansas City and started a wireless service) or Internet service from a telephone company.

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If you’re still struggling with upload and download speeds with your old provider, don’t get mad, get GoBrolly®.

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