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Internet Plans

Internet Service Plans Designed to Do It All.

GoBrolly’s® Internet service plans are designed to give you reliable and fast Internet. We provide unparalleled plan options to “Right Size” your Internet to provide you with the perfect connection for your usage. With the right plan, our Internet “Just Always Works!”

Price is with one-time installation fee paid. Installation fee starts at $249.95 .  All plans have the ability for XD. $100 router fee is optional.

Basic Video

  • Email, VoiP, Music, Web Browsing, Starter Video
  • 5 Mbps down
  • 2.5 Mbps up
  • 75 GB Free Data


  • + Web Browsing, Starter Graphics, HD Video
  • 7 Mbps down
  • 3.5 Mbps up
  • 105 GB Free Data


  • + Graphics, Multiple HD Videos, Starter Home Office
  • 9 Mbps down
  • 4.5 Mbps up
  • 135 GB Free Data

Home Office

  • + Large Graphics, Multiple HD Videos, Home Office, Fast Backup, Remote Desktop
  • 12 Mbps Down
  • 6 Mbps Up
  • 180 GB Free Data


  • + Large Graphics, Multiple HD Videos, 4K Video, Starter Gaming
  • 15 Mbps down
  • 7.5 Mbps up
  • 225 GB Free Data

Streaming Plus

  • + Multiple HD Video, Medium Gaming, Starter Surveillance, Corporate Office
  • 18 Mbps down
  • 9 Mbps up
  • 270 GB Free Data

Gaming Online

  • + Gamer’s Dream, Hours of Video, Multiple Surveillance, Large Data Options
  • 22 Mbps down
  • 11 Mbps up
  • 330 GB Free Data

4K Video

  • + 4K Streaming Video, Do Anything You Want at Anytime, Large Data Options
  • 25 Mbps down
  • 12.5 Mbps up
  • 375 GB Free Data

Looking for Business Class Dedicated Internet?

We have plans for that!

Ready to see if we can reach your location? Sign up for a site survey and we will test signal strength for reliability. You do NOT have to be there for us to conduct a site survey.

Ready to join the Brollyhood? If we’ve tested your location, and you are ready to rock-and-roll with amazing Internet speeds and reliability, sign up now.

Per month fee with prepaid install charge, which starts as low as $249.95, and one-year agreement. Not all connections are eligible for these broadband plans. Call 913-837-4678 for details.

What is a Mbps and why is that important?

Mbps stands for “Mega Bits Per Second” and refers to data transfer speeds as measured in Megabits. One Megabit is a little over one million bits, and Mbps indicates the transfer of one million bits of data each second. Mbps should not be confused with Megabytes, (or MB), which is a unit of data transfer.

The higher number of Mbps that you have available, the faster your computer will upload to and download MB from the Internet.

(Read more about the importance of Upload Speed.)


Warning: GoBrolly® Internet may cause the user dizziness from a) extreme Internet speeds and b) constant household satisfaction.