GoBrolly® Internet Gaming Online Plan

Outperforms the FCC Broadband Standard of 25 Mbps X 3 Mbps

Outperforms the FCC Rural Broadband Standard Requirement of 10 Mbps X 1 Mbps

Exceeds the FCC Broadband Standard

GoBrolly® Gaming Online

  • BrollyCare Router (required) $4.95 /mo
  • + Gamer’s Dream, Hours of Video, Multiple Surveillance, Large Data Options

The GoBrolly® Internet Gaming Online Plan is one of our larger bandwidth connections we offer for homes and small businesses. This plan is a gamer’s delight and is what you should consider if you use heavy online streaming, gaming and want your home or business set up to allow everyone to do what they want, when they want. Over 25 hours of 4K video streaming. Watch hours and hours of HD videos, game on multiple consoles, conduct an online video conference and finish your thesis. Reliable and fast. This Gaming Online plan also allows homes and businesses with one or two cameras to view them remotely over their Internet enabled phones, tablets or laptops. Reverse this connection and offer full HD video to your customers. Very large data plans. No phone line required. Exceeds FCC Broadband Standards.

The GoBrolly® Gaming Online Plan includes:

  • 26 Mbps down
  • 13 Mbps up
  • 360 Gigabyte included data plan with data options up to 840 Gigabyte
  • $ .99 per Gigabyte of extended usage
  • Lowest price of $134.95 a month is with a 12-month agreement and $249.95 activation fee paid upfront
  • Price with activation fee paid throughout term is $162.45 a month with a 12-month agreement
  • BrollyCare Router (required) is an additional $4.95 a month
  • Call (913) 837-4678 or sign up online

GoBrolly® Gaming Online is right for you if:

  • You have 6+ people or devices using the Internet at the same time (laptop, phone, tablet, desktop, gaming console)
  • You are a gamer, video photographer or recreational YouTuber who is constantly uploading high definition movies online
  • You want enough data for 25 hours of 4k video, or 100 hours of Blu-ray or 3D video, more than 220 hours of HD video
  • You have a family who is active on social media, streaming high definition movies, interacting with the Web all at once and all the time
  • You run a business and need to ensure everyone in the office always has enough bandwidth to keep things efficient
  • You want to install and view cameras remotely over your Internet enabled phone, tablet or desktop
  • You are interested in “The Internet of Things” (IoT) like thermostats, smart home security systems, smart appliances and etc.