GoBrolly® Internet Streaming Plus Plan

Outperforms the FCC Broadband Standard of 25 Mbps X 3 Mbps

Outperforms the FCC Rural Broadband Standard Requirement of 10 Mbps X 1 Mbps

Exceeds the FCC Rural Broadband Standard

GoBrolly® Streaming Plus

  • BrollyCare Router (required) $4.95 /mo
  • + Multiple HD Video, Medium Gaming, Starter Surveillance, Corporate Office

The GoBrolly® Internet Streaming Plus Plan is perfect for multiple users and video buffs. Stream movies in HD or SD video quality with no lagging. No more getting kicked off with too many users at one time. Try the possibilities of Voice Over IP (VoIP), Skype, Facetime and other online video communications. Good for medium sized office or business, 8-25 employees, three remote locations. Do you like to create HD videos and upload them to YouTube or other social media settings? Do you have a family and use video as entertainment? Gaming? Blu-ray or 3D video capable. Single 4K Video capable. This is the plan for you. Very large data plans. Full HD Video surveillance upload speeds. No phone line required and, as with the other plans, you may upgrade at any time.

The GoBrolly® Streaming Plus Plan includes:

  • 22 Mbps down
  • 11 Mbps up
  • 300 Gigabyte included data plan with data options up to 780 Gigabyte
  • $ .99 per Gigabyte of extended usage
  • Lowest price of $114.95 a month is with a 12-month agreement and $249.95 activation fee paid upfront
  • Price with activation fee paid throughout term is $142.45 a month with a 12-month agreement
  • BrollyCare Router (required) is an additional $4.95 a month
  • Call (913) 837-4678 or sign up online

GoBrolly® Streaming Plus is right for you if:

  • You have 3-6+ people using multiple devices at once (laptops, desktops, tablets, Internet enabled phones)
  • You have a household of pre-teens or teenagers who are always online
  • You have Gamers
  • You want to stream videos from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube without losing connection
  • You don’t want any lag time, or “buffering,” during video streaming even with multiple people streaming at once
  • You are interested in using VoIP, Skype, Facetime or other online communications
  • You want Blu-ray or 3D video capabilites
  • You have a medium size office or business with 8-25 employees
  • You have remote locations
  • You are interested in VPN
  • You want to upload HD videos to the Internet
  • You want full, HD video surveillance upload speeds