Internet Providers for Miami County

[Post Updated May 2020]

We absolutely encourage people to research Internet providers when looking for a carrier for their home or business. To help make that easier, we have provided a list of Internet providers that serve us in Louisburg, Paola, Hillsdale, and other parts of Miami County. They are







When you read the fine print and get past the glitz, you should notice that most providers consider 300 GB of data used per month as “Unlimited.”  We then asked ourselves, what is the true definition of “Unlimited Internet?”

According to most providers, the definition of “Unlimited” Internet is:

A) The Network is so over sold and congested, there is no way you are going to get any speed or data through it.  We don’t need to measure it, we already know.
B) Sure, you get 6 GB of data, and it’s “Unlimited” after that for $10.00 to $15.00 per GB.
C) Okay, really, after 6 GB of data, the network slows down so that you can’t get anymore, but it is “Unlimited.”
D) Between the hours of 12:30AM and 4:30AM, when we do all of our Network maintenance anyway.
E) We really meant that 2G was unlimited, not 4G!
F) Unlimited is like the Autobahn in Germany driving a Mercedes . . . except there is only one lane.
G) The Network is so expensive, we think anything over 500 Meg is just unnecessary.
H) There is no “Unlimited,” it is just a marketing phrase.
I)  Your patience with Internet Service Providers for useful Internet!
J) All the above.

Which one would you pick? We selected “J.”

Please try and get past all of the glitz, and read the fine print. Want more help? Read our Unlimited Internet Myth or contact us at (913) 837-4678.