Winners of the 2019 #MyGoBrollyArt Coloring Contest

We were surprised by all the amazing entries we received for the first annual #MyGoBrollyArt Coloring Contest. So many talented people in this community!

The ages of the contest ranged from 1-18. Each entry received a prize from the GoBrolly® office staff, and the winners were selected by the community with an online voting form. Voting ended August 9, 2019.

Winning artists received a GoBrolly® Internet bag full of goodies, as well as a free month of Internet service at our highest plan.

We want to thank everyone who entered the contest! A special thanks to the following local businesses who also participated in this contest:

And the winners are . . .

Group 1 Ages 1-3 WINNER: Cyrus, Age 2

Group 1 No 4 MyGoBrollyArt

Group 2 Ages 4-6 WINNER: Izzy, Age 6

Group 2 No 11 MyGoBrollyArt

Group 3 Ages 7-9 WINNER: Mercy, Age 9

Group 3 No6 MyGoBrollyArt

Group 4 Ages 10-13 WINNER: Emma, Age 13

Group 4 No 5 MyGoBrollyArt

Group 5 Ages 14-18 WINNER: Jaden, Age 15

Group 5 No 2 MyGoBrollyArt