VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, refers to sending and receiving voice, or audio, over the Internet (data) network just like you send and receive email. The difference is that voice needs to react faster than email on the Internet because we expect a quicker response when we speak.  In order for this to happen, there are special configuration needs to make sure that voice has a priority on the connection.

The old phone network only had voice capability, and added data capability when we added computers. Do you remember when you had a “Modem” (Modulator Demodulator) device that changed electronic email into “audio noise” and sent it to another modem over the voice phone line to change it back into electronic email at the other end?  This is just the opposite.  VoIP is the process that changes audio into data that can be sent and received on the Internet.

One of the best benefits of VoIP is that it does not recognize long distance charges.  [No Joke.] If you have a VoIP system you will have no long distance phone charges.  You may have latency and jitter, or delay, issues, but delay, or echo, was true with the old phone system, too.

Guess What? You Are Probably Already Using VoIP!

If you have a cell phone you are already using VoIP. All cell phone voice traffic is using VoIP. You can even get an App on your smart phone that will use your Internet connection before it uses your cell connection. In fact, these cell phone providers rely on the ‘fixed’ internet providers to support their networks.

Ever heard about the ‘cell phone booster’ that connects to your current fixed Internet provider to give you better cell phone reception in your home? You know, you buy the equipment and you pay the cell phone company to use your fixed Internet connection – you are paying double, but your cell phone works better -- Well, that is VoIP!

So, how do I get VoIP for my home or business?

GoBrolly® is utilizing 1-VoIP to offer you special VoIP services for as low as $8.97 a month, as well as nationwide, unlimited calling for $16.97 a month with free features like Spam-Call Filtering, Webfax, Email, and Cloud Storage.

Contact 1-VoIP today for more information: 888-369-VOIP (8647) or visit 1-VoIP.

Any of our GoBrolly℠ plans will enable you to use VoIP. Technically, you will be told that it only takes .040 Mbps Down and Up for every conversation that needs to use VoIP. Right. You will hear seasoned IT consultants say that it really takes double that, .080 Mbps Down and Up to use VoIP. GoBrolly℠ believes that it really takes .100 Mbps Down and Up, for every phone handset.  You also need to use something call QoS “Quality of Service” in all your devices that you want to use VoIP with. GoBrolly℠ also believes that you should use something called UDP “User Datagram Protocol” internet ports to enable VoIP. This just means that there is less error checking and more just sending and receiving. (We humans are good at “error checking” our voice communications ourselves.)