GoBrolly® Internet Family-of-Four Plan

Outperforms the FCC Broadband Standard of 25 Mbps X 3 Mbps

Outperforms the FCC Rural Broadband Standard Requirement of 10 Mbps X 1 Mbps

Exceeds the FCC Rural Broadband Standard

GoBrolly® Family-of-Four

  • BrollyCare Router (required) $4.95 /mo
  • + Large Graphics, Multiple HD Videos, 4K Video, Starter Gaming

Another one of our popular plans is the GoBrolly® Internet Family-of-Four plan. It allows you the speed and data to truly work from home or run a small business . . . including a family! It is the type of Internet connection you really need. SD, HD, and 1080p Video capable in either receiving or sending. Large data plan. VPN, VoIP, Skype, Facetime capable. Remote desktop in either direction. Fast uploads. Will let you run a server from home. Use this kind of connection for Disaster Recovery.

Good for video surveillance (watching your camera images live on a secured network on your computer or other mobile device) hosting training videos, working with photos and other large images (for professional photographers and graphic designers) and online editing. No phone line required and, as with all the plans, you may upgrade at any time.

The GoBrolly® Family-of-Four Plan includes:

  • 18 Mbps down
  • 9 Mbps up
  • 240 Gigabyte included data plan with data options up to 720 Gigabyte
  • Only $ .99 per Gigabyte of extended usage
  • Lowest price of $94.95 a month is with a 12-month agreement, plus router and $249.95 activation fee paid upfront
  • Price with activation fee paid throughout term is $122.45 a month with a 12-month agreement
  • BrollyCare Router (required) is an additional $4.95 a month
  • Call (913) 837-4678 or sign up online

GoBrolly® Family-of-Four is right for you if:

  • You have 3-6 people or devices using the Internet at the same time (laptop, phone, tablet, desktop, gaming console)
  • You work from home and need a reliable, fast Internet connection.
  • You have a household of pre-teens or teenagers
  • You have Gamers
  • You want to stream videos from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube without losing connection
  • You don’t want any lag time, or “buffering,” during video streaming, even with multiple people streaming at once
  • You have a small to medium size office
  • You need remote desktop capabilities
  • You want to download, upload documents, photos, videos, graphics and other large files
  • You need a static IP
  • You want to conduct video conferencing
  • VPN, VoIP or Skype capable