New Speeds and Data to Rock Your Internet World

10/15/2016 Update: We rocked out even more with new plans and speeds on October 2016!

Your Internet Will Rock

We promised you, and it is here . . . GoBrolly is proud to announce new improved speeds and data in celebration of our second year in business. We have added more “Up” speed to each plan to make it 50% of the “Down” speed and increased the free included data for each plan.

What does that mean for our customers? It means Your Internet will Rock. You will have a smooth, reliable Internet experience. Every time. Anytime. And because our business model is based on customer service, we are committed to staying on the forefront of wireless Internet technology by offering the best plans and speeds in the area for maximum reliability and performance.

That is our promise to you.

So check out our Better-for-Video with 8 Mbps Down and 4 Mbps Up with enough data for 150 hours of standard quality video. Or, our Top Shelf plan, now with 18 Mbps Down and 9 Mbps Up with enough data for 150 hours of HD video. No lag time. It always “Just Works.”

Our existing customers have already been experiencing these new speeds and data since the end of March. It is simply part of our many customer appreciation programs.

And, (oh, yeah, there’s more) our lowest monthly price does not change. So the upload speeds and the free included data increase, but the lowest monthly price does not.

Check it all out for yourself. Submit a site survey or give us a call now at 913.837.4678. Experience how GoBrolly’s Internet can Rock Your Internet World!

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