Why we think the Louisburg Cider Mill is a Louisburg Jewel:

Tom and Shelly Schierman started making cider and selling donuts out of an old, 120-year-old barn back in 1977. They were newlyweds, and Shelly’s father had the land off of Highway 68 and suggested the idea. The couple considered the venture as more of a hobby and bottled their first apple cider in September of that year.

Now, the Louisburg Cider Mill is a Miami County icon that sits on 80 acres west of Louisburg and is run by President and General Manager, Josh Hebert. People travel from all over to purchase the cider, eat the famous cider donuts and take home the Cider Mill’s Lost Trail Root Beer. The Cider Festival runs every year in late September, early October for two weekends with rows of local vendors selling their arts and crafts. The corn maze and pumpkin patch is open to the public through November 1.

We also like the story about the root beer, which is the original recipe discovered by Shelly’s great-great grandfather. Here’s an excerpt from the Louisburg Cider Mill website:
“I been a lookin’ for the Santa Fe Trail three days now. Met up with some good folks. They give me some grub and something to wet my whistle. Say they call it ‘Root Beer’ — been a makin’ this brew from roots and herbs. Think I’ll forget the trail and just settle here.” – From the journal of Joe Marshall, somewhere off the Santa Fe Trail, May 15, 1848

Thank you, Louisburg Cider Mill and to all the people who help make making cider and donuts fun. You are one of the many reasons Louisburg is a special place to visit.

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