Why we think Powell Observatory is a Louisburg Jewel:

The Powell Observatory was built in Louisburg, Kansas in 1984 by members of the Astronomical Society of Kansas City (ASKC).  The money to build it came from a grant from the Powell Family who headed Yellow Freight System Inc. (now known as YRC Worldwide Inc.) of Overland Park, Kansas for nearly 40 years.

The Powell Observatory has between 6000 to 8000 visitors each year and is featured as one of the best places in the Midwest for stargazing.

The main telescope is a Ruisinger Newtonian reflector, with a single 30-inch (76 cm) objective (mirror), housed in a dome. It is believed to be one of the largest in the Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa and Missouri area.

The Observatory’s Star Bright Saturday Night Programs are open to the public every Saturday night starting in May and ending in October. No reservations are required during these times.

It also has a minor planet named after it and we think that is cool! It’s name? 25890 Louisburg. (I guess we need to add that to our Louisburg page!)

So reach for the stars and visit them one Saturday evening when the skies are clear. Let us know what you find.

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