GoBrolly® Celebrates 4 Years in Business by Expanding Internet Service

GoBrolly® is proud to celebrate four years in business this Spring with the expansion of Internet service into the Hillsdale, Wea, and Stilwell areas. Two additional towers have been added to support the large demand to provide superior Internet service to residents and businesses in Kansas.

The company was founded on the belief that limited communication choices were a threat to every small town’s existence.

“If we don’t have adequate communications we will not survive. We will not thrive as individuals, businesses, associations, and communities. We exist to make a place for our children to thrive. If we do not, they go elsewhere . . . as they must.”

GoBrolly® CEO

GoBrolly®’s unique balance of Internet “Up” and “Down” speed was designed for peak performance 100 percent of the time. This means no throttling during peak hours of the day like other Internet company business models follow. It means that your Netflix, Hulu and HBO shows won’t buffer, file uploads don’t take three days and your video cameras work.

In fact, you may even describe GoBrolly®’s Internet service as a constant stream of happiness.

“The customer service is legendary. I would go as far as characterizing as the “bomb-diggity.” Oh yeah, we like the great speed, consistent up time, reliability, response time! Two thumbs up from this customer! The only upsetting thing is that I didn’t switch over sooner!” – signed Happy in Hillsdale, Kansas.

Another Customer said,

“You guys are probably the best internet company I’ve ever had. I literally use your services every day almost all day. We stream movies, have online gaming, and I work from home. I’m pretty impressed, really. It’s affordable and flexible, but reliability for me is crucial for work. I have had Charter, Century Link and Sudden Link and you guys blow them out of the water in every category. Thank you so much!!!” – Customer in Paola, Kansas.

GoBrolly®’s Internet is so reliable that it can pass on any security requirements for federally regulated businesses and financial institutions.

The GoBrolly® team dedicate themselves to each Customer with 24/7/365 support and technical service, and look forward to providing many years of Internet service to people in Kansas and Missouri.

Thank you for your service and support.