KRACK Attack : Flaw in WPA2 Networks

Krack Attack

There’s been a lot in the news over the last few days about the KRACK flaw in Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 – WPA2 networks – that could potentially allow hackers access to un-encrypted data. WPA2 is the current industry standard that encrypts traffic on Wi-Fi networks to thwart eavesdroppers.

Our goal is to always keep you informed about technology matters, so we wanted to provide you with additional information concerning this security issue.

Even though GoBrolly®’s business model utilizes wireless capability, this vulnerability does not impact our network. Our equipment was already protected against this type of attack due to the industrial quality of our vendors.

In addition, we are extremely diligent and will upgrade all our devices as stronger security and patches become available.

You should also know that current versions of Microsoft and Apple products are mostly unaffected as long as the operating systems are up-to-date. Android devices do have vulnerabilities, so owners need to be cautious until security patches are announced.

Your best protection moving forward is to install updates on all devices as soon as they become available. Patches and security fixes are pushed for a reason.

Furthermore, always make sure that your online shopping websites have HTTPS encryption. These sites will have a green lock beside the URL.

And finally, know that GoBrolly® has your back.

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