Louisburg Jewel – LeRoy Schmidt and the Crack Cart.


Why we think LeRoy Schmidt is a Louisburg Jewel:

Because he made a simple, efficient device to solve a very common problem. The Crack Cart is beautiful and elegant in its simplicity and purpose of design. Nothing has been left to chance, and the Crack Cart shows that in every part, angle and detail. From filling, to usage, to durability. It is such a great idea, there are already imitations – the highest form of flattery. How often do you have to use 400 degree material in your job? Here is our “shout out” to a man that believes in the phrase “work smarter not harder.”

Great websites with before and after pictures, even a YouTube video with the Crack Cart in action!

Sure, we could have come up with a few other choice names, but we may not have been able to print them here. Suffice to quote:

“Committed to ‘Saving Your Asphalt’ Since 1999”

Do you know what a Bollard is?

We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Leroy, Thank You for being part of our Community.

Watch YouTube Video here: